Following the Blue Light

Riley's Log #7

Field Log: 0007
Sergeant First Class Riley Caine

Last night Sierra invited me to come to her room. She was a sweet, yielding conquest and I will not deny that she awakened within me sensations that I had forgotten could be felt. I left when she fell asleep though, I didn’t want her to take any flack for bedding me from the mutants, and I could see happening. It’s always so predictable how intolerant living beings are – I know my hatreds, but at least I don’t hide it under a pretense of civility.

I walked around the ship for awhile, but then I sat and waited for morning in the cockpit. I took us out at our usual time and none of them seemed the wiser to my actions the night before.

Luckily something came up that should keep attention off of Sierra and I. We stumbled, quite literally, onto a possible archaeological site which the mutants and Sierra seem eager to explore. I’m not so sure it’s a good use of our time or resources, but it isn’t my job to ask questions – just hold the gun.

I’ve prepared sensor readings to map the subterranean structure so hopefully we won’t be going in blind.


Papa_Bear Riley_Monster

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