Following the Blue Light

Riley's Log #5

Field Log: 0005
Sergeant 1st Class Riley Caine

They asked me to pilot their robotic vehicle today; and by they I mean Sierra. The mutants didn’t seem that thrilled about there being a Coalition pilot behind the controls, but it doesn’t look like they have much choice either. I have little room to talk though, as neither do I.

For now I suppose it could be worse – I get to put my skills to use and we get moving as far away from that op as possible. Sierra said to go south, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The doc’s nice enough to talk to at least through the long hours of travel, and she tends to ramble so luckily I don’t have to say much. She does ask me questions sometimes though; what kind of missions have I been on, why did I join the Coalition, and if I had family.

She seemed genuinely surprised that I was born into the Coalition and didn’t opt in as some desperate gambit for my families salvation. Back home, being a soldier was an honorable profession, so why not? Besides, I was damn good at it.

It was hard to answer the last one though – I don’t want her getting anxious about me bailing, but I didn’t want to lie to her either; she didn’t deserve that after how she stuck her neck out for me. I just told her no one who would miss me and for now she seems satisfied with that.

The sad thing is, it’s probably Gods honest truth.


Papa_Bear Riley_Monster

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