Following the Blue Light

Riley's Log #1

Field Log: 0001
Sergeant 1st Class Riley Caine

I have found myself in a potentially hostile environment. I am being held in the medical bay of an unknown organization for reasons that are as of yet unknown. I have no way to communicate with my unit that I can find. Attempts to leave the room have been met with violence from mutant animals of varied species. They seem content to leave me alone however provided I remain within this area.

Their medical officer, who I have identified as a human named Sierra Mist, seems to be the one responsible for my imprisonment. Her decision to assist me seems to be a point of contention between her and the rest of the crew. I can only assume that this is due to my Coalition affiliation.

I have foregone arming myself to maintain the element of surprise with my implants should I need to fight; additionally, there is nothing present in here that could do more damage. Aside from a lack of serviceable weapons, I have secured the means to leave a log of my experiences. I hope that should I not survive that this record of my actions might be found by my superiors and allow my death to remain honorable.

The medical officer should be coming soon, and I will make another escape attempt.


Papa_Bear Riley_Monster

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